ATS Investments, Inc (“ATS”) was founded by Adir Shoshan and Amos T. Shoshan in 2003. ATS Investments, Inc. is a Real Estate Investment Company owned and operated by Mr. Shoshan and his father. The company represents several US and foreign investors.

ATS main office is located at 9600 NW 25th Street, Doral FL 33172.
ATS was established in order to raise money to invest in income producing properties and as an advisor to foreign investors in all aspects of Real Estate Investments. Currently ATS has ownership (through various entities) of five income producing properties in South Florida.

In mid 2005 “ATS” lead a deal where the “Starbucks Coffee Company” shell leased 1,800 square feet. ATS assembled investors to buy the out-parcel and to build the Shell.

In early 2005 ATS expanded its operations to Mexico where it is currently involved in construction.



The ability of an organization or an individual within an industry is measured by the ability to transform ideas into actions. With this goal in mind, ATS was founded on two basic values: 1. Honesty and transparency in our operations. 2. Unmatched expertise and professionalism for our clients. We believe that “actions are louder than words.”  We have envisioned our commitment to success by create an environment where our investors/clients feel that they are being lead by capable and honest professionals.


- Establishing ATS as a company capable of raising capital with established alliances with reputable
firms built on confidence and tradition.

- Possess the institutional capacity to provide project capital investment within hours in the course of our operations.



- Provide ATS with an increasing level of international operations to position it to take advantage of the opportunities of the global marketplace.

- Continue our development of ATS as a company identified with unparalleled expertise in the international capital investment market.

- Maintain our excellent record of identifying well positioned properties

- To continue our commitment to successful returns on investments for our clients.



Mr. Shoshan is a well respected business man in home country of Israel and in Miami. His holdings include numerous shopping centers and office buildings in Miami, Florida valued at $40 million and two apartments in New York City valued at $1.5 Million.

Prior to his entry in the real estate investment market, Mr. Shoshan was a partner in a mango farm in Puerto Rico. Under his tutelage, the farm was sold to an investment group in 1998 for a significant return on his investment. Adir possesses a B.S. in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. His entry into the investment finance sector began when for many years he was the sole owner of the largest tax advisory office in his hometown, Rehovot.

Mr. Amos Shoshan, the President of ATS Investments Inc., is part owner of numerous shopping centers and office buildings in Miami, Florida valued at $40 million. ATS Investments Inc., is a real estate investment company owned and operated by Mr. Shoshan and his father. The company represents several US and foreign investors. Mr. Shoshan possesses an MBA from the University of New Haven (“UNH”) and a Masters in Real Estate from New York University (“NYU”) specializing in analytical techniques. He has developed his career in capital investment during his employment with several investment banks, including Lehman Brothers Inc, and GE Capital in New York. Prior to that, Mr. Shoshan accepted a brief assignment for JLW on an evaluation project in Paris, France. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Shoshan, like all Israelis served a four year obligatory commitment in the Israeli Defense Force (“IDF”) as a flight technician. Mr. Shoshan and his father have raised $1.5 million from investors and funded $500,000 of their own capital as part of a consortium led by a respected Israel-based Real Estate company  involved in the development of two projects in Fort Myers, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.




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