mobileSF :: Sales Force Automation System
MobileSF is a solution for automating the sales force by using wireless and mobile technology. MobileSF provides the sales representative the capacity of having access to all the necessary information on each individual sale, as well as being able to do all kinds of transaction on the same point of contact with the client.

mobileDT :: Delivery Track Automation System
MobileDT is a system designed to automate and control the dispatch operations and delivery of merchandise. MobileDT provides complete information of the delivery process, time and confirmation, reason for no delivery, comments or important instructions that allows the tracking practically online from the critical points of dispatch.

mobileMED :: Medical Reps Automation System   
MobileMED is a system driven to the automation of the activities of each medical representative.  MobileMED provides complete information of doctors, location, medical visits information by location, samples inventory and product distribution by lots.

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mobileSERV :: Field Service Automation System
MobileSERV is an automation driven system for the service representatives. It provides complete information of the clients and locations, activity information of every service representative and the client's equipment inventory.


Sales Automation System
The objective of this application is to provide an integrated sales automation system for business field personnel. This application allow to perform order entries, suggested orders, print invoices and reports, customer information, account receivables, and routing planning.

Truck Management System
TMS is an integrated automation system for distribution and carrier trucking scheduling. The system generates suggested delivery trips for customers orders. This application was developed using advance web technology, it combines Active Server Pages with COM objects created in Visual Basic. The system run over IIS, Windows NT Server, using MS-SQL Server as backend database.

Active X Table Maintenance OCX
This OCX Product is an ActiveX tool developed in Visual Basic, for the generation of table maintenance GUI programs. This OCX provide to connect to ODBC or OLEDB server databases.

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