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What is a CRM? (The English acronym "Customer Relationship Management) 

Software for managing the relationship with customers. Computer systems support the management of customer relationships, sale and marketing. With this meaning refers to CRM data warehouse with information about sales management, and enterprise customers.

Customer CRM Our systems control the CRM customer relationship enables the maintenance of all commercial tools available to the dept. Marketing (person operating such systems) to facilitate the sales process.

The characteristics of a CRM system: it is the most economical means, with better range, more personalized and easier to control) may be applied with great success to all types of sales process, and products or services, which is why the real formula for success lies in an excellent planning of this strategy.

To begin the development of good CRM database are advised to develop a club of the firm, although much data can be generated with conventional communication strategies such as the Graphics, Radio, Television, E-mailing, Advertisement, etc. . In this case, the focus of the strategy should be how to manage your contacts arising from the implementation of the aforementioned communication.

What is database marketing? The foundations of marketing are designed to load and store customer profiles with more subjective data, for example, do you like doing in your free time, what type of food consumed, etc.., Data that are focused on to develop a profile client so that we can deliver an offer that is actually made for him. This is why direct marketing strategies based on CRM development are so successful worldwide.

Customer orientation is becoming increasingly important. The aim is to give customers what they need and when you need it. The online CRM software is, according to consultants and specialists, which in the near future will reveal more detail, anticipating their needs and their demand from where we are, sharing the information.

One of the biggest advantages for companies operating a CRM product is the tendency to lower the cost of these commercial products, additional licenses as an operating system let alone the cost of its implementation and commissioning. U-law always count on our advice.

Unified, secure access 
The user only has to authenticate once for all the module. 

The CRM provides integration with Office tools 
Our system recognizes and indexes Office documents, allows you to load and export data to Outlook Express and generate queries in Excel format. 

Integrated Solution 
Our CRM system is designed and intended both as independent professionals in companies so that they can derive all their IT processes to the platform. The suite is designed to facilitate the daily work, creating a base of users who use the software constantly. 

Register fast and work with your CRM 
When you start targeting the user is given option to test the tool during a period of time. The user may at any time employ the use of check payment system through but there are also options for other forms of payment. Once the payment the user can start working with the application quickly and confidently. 

Our CRM is an intuitive and easy to handle 
Each CRM module is easily accessible from the main menu tabs. With the user interface is designed to be uniform and thus easy and quick learning. 

The manager of CRM. 
The self-managed facilities serve two purposes: 1) reduce the cost of ownership of the application on the client and 2) reduce the cost of maintenance if the platform is offered in this mode. 

More CRM: ventas@hispamedia.biz

CRM vehiculos

Three aspects to be taken into account to avoid committing errors and missed targets after incorporating CRM tools in the management of companies. This is mainly due to three big mistakes.

CRM ESPAÑOLMany companies that have incorporated in their management processes and CRM tools do not receive the expected benefits and costs soar on investment versus the benefits that such tools should provide, in addition to leaving unhappy users and everyone wondering what was it that failed?

Here are three great causes, and even basic truism, but are most common at the time to find the reasons for the failure of a CRM implementation:

1 .- Do not understand that technology and business strategy go together.

It is common for many companies to implement technological solutions without creating a business strategy associated with CRM, so if it is not easy, because a CRM strategy usually involves a number of internal actors, their coordination and definition of common goals is essential to time to merge the technology platform with a clear strategy and defined in time, understanding the CRM solutions as a synergy of multiple actions which ultimately must be previously defined.

2 .- Do not pay attention or not considering the needs and benefits that the technology tools available to those working with them.

It is very common that technological solutions are incorporated in the companies without taking into account the views of those who will work with them, forgetting that this is a critical point when optimizing the investment, because many times the staff in charge can simply stop using the platforms and continue to do its work, as in the case of the sales forces, who face a cumbersome and time consuming, they prefer continuing to operate with traditional methods.

3 .- Use measurement systems incomplete or nonexistent.

Projects successful implementation of CRM tools are based and guided with a north and a defined path, with clear goals and objectives and accurate at the time, no clear objectives and appropriate tools to measure project progress, achievement of objectives and definition targets embodied in a master plan, both the progress of the project in time and the results are serious candidates for failure. 

Based on Article Three Big Reasons CRM Initiatives Fail, Michael Krigsman

While executives of large companies share the view that technology has helped them strengthen relationships with customers, 55% said that some gaps in the Management of Customer Relationship (CRM) are motivated by the lack of attention of the leadership of the company, according to a study by Accenture.

The report's findings are consistent with the view that Accenture, despite the benefits of such techniques, CRM has failed to develop its full potential yet. About 74% of executives believe that there is no adequate strategic planning for the management of customer relationships. 

"Too many CRM projects focus on the mechanics, tools and specific technologies, rather than the ultimate end of the same: to increase the value of customer relationships. CEOs now face the challenge of not only provide sales and service function more complex, but also to deliver and manage these functions more quickly and more profitably, "according to Alfonso Gonzalez, Partner, Accenture."Companies have some major obstacles ahead to make their CRM initiatives succeed. When designed and implemented properly, CRM programs can produce an exceptional economic value. " 

Moreover, the report notes that over half the study participants (56%) said their companies would grow between 1% and 20% if they could get access to complete customer data. 

There is also a great match for the consideration of that technology can provide "historical data, current and real-time" of customers that would stimulate sales significantly: 35% say that sales could increase "largely" , while 43% said they would "to some extent." 

Furthermore just over 20% believe they are optimizing all customer data "largely" to boost sales. 47% say that this data is used "to some extent." 

When asked if technology was helping their companies gain a better understanding of customers, 33% said it helps them "by far", while 54% believe it does "to some extent." 

Among the other reasons mentioned to explain the difficulties of CRM programs include: From the lack of vision of long-term CRM, to inadequate investment planning, through the improper calculation of the profitability of them. 

Increased sales

Aumento con al uso del CRMTechnology solutions designed to establish more profitable and longer lasting with customers are usually associated with popular applications such as Relationship Management to Customer or CRM. According to the study, more than half of the sample believed that the data and customer knowledge obtained through CRM can increase sales up to 20%. 

"CEOs should take a closer look innovative and proven methods to maximize the return on CRM investments and initiatives of value to the customer back to the basics. The key lessons learned will help companies achieve this objective" says Beth Eisenfeld, head of research at Gartner CRM issues. 

Accenture conducted the study with Wirthlin Worldwide. The Comprehensive Study for executives (Executive Omnibus) Wirthlin is designed to meet what they think the most responsible business issues affecting businesses today. Wirthlin interviewed a representative sample of the Fortune 1000 over May 2002. Http://www.mundocrm.com Source

What is CRM

CRM (English "Customer Relationship Management)

It is a management model throughout the organization, based on customer orientation (or market orientation as others), the closest concept is relational marketing (as used in Spain) and is closely related to other concepts such as: Clienting , Marketing 1x1, direct marketing database, and so on.

The management of customer relationships. CRM stands for customer service or customer management. CRM With this meaning refers only to a part of the management of the company.

Are computer systems to support the management of customer relationships, sale and marketing. With this meaning refers to the CRM system that manages a data warehouse (Data Warehouse) with information on sales management and customers of the company.

Advantages of CRM

  • Lets pay attention to individual customer needs

  • The CRM is applied as a business strategy.

  • The CRM allows to lower advertising costs.

  • Another advantage of CRM is that it allows to group customers (segmentation)

  • Lets split the customers, customizing their attention and individualized service.

  • Allows addressing resources and energies of the organization to customers that add more room.

  • Allows you to focus on specific campaigns.

  • Allows control and monitoring of sales.

  • CRM allows to measure the effects of various profit centers.

  • Allows differentiation from competitors.

  • It can identify and know the pace of new and potential customer needs.

  • Therefore allows new needs transforming into desires.

  • It improves customer retention and attract new customers.

  • Reduce the cost of the canals, which is 20 to 40% of the total cost

  • CRM allows service differentiation by priority, above the price.

  • Allows for Pareto scale and monitor its operation.

  • Lets come and go quickly from one product or service.

  • Allows you to focus on different channels based on customer preferences.

  • CRM allows reward staff based on their contributions to the company.



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